quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2004

2 days to christmas.....
yesterday the weather was so damn hot can.
muahahahha yesterday carol came my house so early sia.
when she come my house i was still sleeping.
so nice of nat cause she make tang yuan for all of us.
at my house carol helped me to wrap my books and she helped me with my chinese and my accounts.
there is something which hit my mind after what she said.

after what she said.

oman Pro Football Player - Part III

Breeding got into professional football last August when she responded to an ad for try-outs and was selected as backup quarterback for the 38-woman team.

The job is truly professional. The players are paid according to ticket sales, plus shares of any net revenue surplus at the end of the season, although all the players still have to keep their day jobs.

"I know a lot of the other players from the other sports I play," Breeding said. "We all work during the day, so the hardest part is making practice every day while still playing other sports. Working here at Huntsville Center and having to travel so much also makes it difficult for me, but it's worth it!"


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